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The PRECIOUS GIFT OF TRAVEL we can sometimes give to our children is no less a blessing for us as parents.
Be together undistracted. Awaken each to each other. Fascinating local experiences, unique to the South Caribbean stir the children emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.


– Leatherback Turtle Nesting
– Dolphin watching – 3 different species of dolphins
– Jaguar Animal Rescue Center
– Snorkel

The trip is also most definitely about playing and having fun. You want everyone satisfied and ready for bed when the night sounds of the jungle sing out the end of the day.

– Canopy
– Horseback riding (Beach or Jungle ride)
Surfing lessons

Surf Lessons

The Beach, the Ocean and the River

Right out front is the beautiful Cocles Beach. It is the only lifeguard protected beach in the South Caribbean and we here at La Costa de Papito administer the prevention and rescue program to ensure your family’s safety.
A short walk down the beach and you will find the cool sweet waters of the Cocles River as it cuts through the white sand. A perfect swimming spot for smaller children.

Hiking Cahuita National Park

Easy walking on a clearly defined flat path where the monkeys, toucans, and sloths always viewable.

Self-styled Bicycle Tours

We rent you the bicycles with simple directions to Punta Uva Beach or Manzanillo.

Relax, Revive and Return

SPA Massage

Every parent will admit that there are times when traveling with the whole tribe leaves one a bit fatigued and tense.
Time to slip away, one at a time, to the Indulgence Spa and Beauty Salon to relax, revive and return.

La costa de Papito

May your trip be worth a fortune at an affordable cost.
FAMILY FRIENDLY RATE: Double occupancy price with $7 additional charge for each child.
No Charge for children up to 4 years old. Breakfast included for the whole family.